It’s not just a snowmobile film
Months after the camera work was finished on the first all-Minnesota-made feature movie, the nitty-gritty work of putting the film together is nearing its end.

So far the snipping and experimenting have been going on in a cluster of small offices at Metro Office Park where director, Maurice Hurley and film editor Lyle McIntyre have installed film-viewing and editing equipment. Monday afternoon they’ll be given a sendoff at a party at which backers of the film and other interested bystanders will listen to the musical score that Dale Menten has written and recorded.

“So far the only mistakes we’re aware of are some little ones
in continuity,” said Hurley.

“We’re going to fix that with music,” put in Menten, the company jokester. “Besides the soundtrack, we’re going to have Lyle go to each of the four or five theaters where we expect the film to play, and sit in the back with a big pair of cymbals. Just as we get to one of those mistakes, he’ll bang the cymbals. Everybody will be distracted and they’ll never see the bad continuity.”
           -Will Jones of the Minneapolis Star and Tribune

The French Trapper
Dale Menten/Guitar   Dick Hedlund/Bass
Bruce Pedalty/Organ   Dick Bortulossi/Drums
Members of the Minneapolis Symphony