These projects almost always begin with, "Make it sound like a hit record, not a jingle." And then, from the back of the room, someone will say, "And if you could work ‘linoleum' into the lyrics, that would be terrific." You betcha!

We love this category because we are able to break out of the confines of 30 and 60 seconds. Ah, the luxury of time. The following songs DO NOT contain the word, "linoleum" and were created with a minimum of "hit record" damaging input. (We're extremely fortunate to have so many clients who "get it.")

NEW - "A Child's Eyes - U of M Childrens' Hospital"
"Life's Parade"-Caring for Children of N. Dakota

"Our World To Change"-Store Front/Alacrity

"Like A Star"-DeLaSalle

"All The Way"-MN Medical Foundation

"The Defining Moment"-MN Medical Foundation

"Ties Around The World"-Burlington Northern